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We offer customized landscape designs, professional landscape installation and an eye for detail in maintenance.



  • Landscape design

  • Phased or full installations

  • On-site consultations and problem solving

  • Routine maintenance

  • Leaf removal



Design Process


A creative design is critical for a successful landscape.  Whether it’s a small garden bed or a two-acre backyard, having a plan is the first step in creating your customized landscape. We break it down like this:



To create your personalized landscape design, we begin the process with an initial site visit. You and your designer will walk the site together, discuss your overall vision for the garden, consider budget, timeframe and priority areas. We also go over fees for the design service based upon the scope of your project. A site survey may be required to show existing site conditions such as property lines, trees, topography and buildings. 


Creating Your Plan

A conceptual plan begins to develop as we blend your overall vision, with our imaginative ideas on how to improve the site. We consider interesting plant combinations, bloom cycles, year round interest and focal points. Your design is hand drawn to scale and will be presented with a planting list. After the final plan is agreed upon, we put together a proposal for the work and bring the garden to life!

Installing the Design

Your designer will be on site during all installations. Marking bed lines, laying out plants, and working closely with our crew to ensure the success and implementation of your design.  We hand select and purchase our plants from reputable local nurseries. We guarantee to bring you the highest quality plants, compost and mulch available.  


Maintaining the Garden

Every garden is living, growing and maturing... and therefore needs special attention and care. Even landscapes designed to be low maintenance require some care throughout the season. Everyone wants a beautiful landscape, but not everyone has the time or desire to keep their landscape looking good. We tailor our maintenance plans based on your needs, whether you want someone maintaining your garden weekly, monthly or seasonal.

Our Mission 

Since 2006, Natural Progression Landscaping has earned a reputation for our specialization in landscape design, installation and maintenance services throughout the Richmond area.


Our careful attention to detail, transform outdoor spaces into relaxing, stress-free retreats. We strive to create unique, innovative landscapes that generate a sense of pleasure and reflect the personality of our clients. 


As a company, we are dedicated to creating landscapes that are cost effective, functional and beautiful. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients, while providing them with an unmatched level of service that will encourage them to refer us to their family, friends and coworkers.

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